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martin teboul

Dear colleagues from EMDR France Association, dear colleagues from all EMDR Associations,

It is with great honor that EMDR France Association organizes, with EMDR Europe Association, the 19th EMDR Europe Conference in the city of Strasbourg. As you know, this is where the European Parliament sits and this is a symbol of our union, of diversity and of shared forces.

The theme we have chosen for this conference, "EMDR: at the crossroads of psychotherapy and neuroscience", is of capital importance to us as therapists. Indeed, it is by constantly renewed links with its neurobiological bases that EMDR psychotherapy progresses and adapts to the diversity of those who consult us. Thus, over the years, the indications of EMDR have diversified, for the good of all our patients. But to understand the neurobiological foundations of our exercise also allows us to exercise our critical thinking, and to calmly develop our empathy for our patients in a deeply humanistic approach that marks our exercise.

For 30 years now, EMDR psychotherapy has evolved, and the stakes are different today. Numerous clinical researches have shown the efficiency of our therapy in different fields of psychopathology, and current research refines and develops its indications. The Strasbourg conference is here to allow you to take stock of this new knowledge, and contributes to the reputation and development of EMDR.

Prestigious speakers will lead exciting sessions, in English but also in French, translated into English, on topics ranging from neuroscience research to a majority of clinical practice. Numerous pre-conference workshops will help you sharpen your practice, both in the field of children and adults.

Finally, we can all meet and share our joy to be present during the gala evening with perhaps some surprises. And do not forget to visit Strasbourg and the whole region of Alsace, rich in beautiful landscapes, history, gastronomy and multiple entertainment.

I wish you all an excellent conference ! See you soon,

Martin Teboul President, EMDR France Association

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