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isabel fernandez

Dear Friends,

It is with great anticipation that I introduce you to the 19h EMDR Europe Conference, organized by the French EMDR national assocation, to be held in June 2018.

Our annual conference traditionally combines great scientific content with a tremendous opportunity to learn practical guides and also this year, the scientific committee has selected an outstanding gallery of international speakers who will share with Conference participants the most significant advances in our field.

Neuroscience is indeed thriving and presentations will try to make us reflect on how the brain may function, how a brain makes a conscious mind, how it can succumb to mental illness and how it can restore towards healing through EMDR Therapy.

One of the most peculiar problems in our work is the great variability in the pathological entities we encounter, together with the complexity created by different kinds of traumatic events, people may experience throughout their lifespan. The field of psychotherapy is in constant evolution and our competencies are shifting and growing. Undeniably, EMDR Therapy is giving a significant added value to the understanding of the complex mechanisms underlying the brain and the mind, as well as to the potential of overcoming the most diverse sequelae related to trauma and stress.

This has provided inspiration for this year’s Conference title EMDR : A crossroads between Psychotherapy and Neuroscience. In our daily practice with EMDR, we are constantly aware of this crossroad, since every EMDR session opens a window into the mind.

As EMDR therapists, we provide care in all areas of mental health and well-being. We have been enabled to provide high quality clinical practice in a safe and effective manner, and in the last years, we have been at the core of modern and scientific discoveries.

The main aim of our Strasbourg Conference, is to keep improving the standard of EMDR Therapy through ongoing research and therapeutical strategies, as well as increase our knowledge, skills and competencies in our work with different clinical populations.

EMDR Europe is relying on a great team from the French EMDR Association, who will make this a truly memorable Conference. I look forward to meeting you in Strasbourg, in June 2018.

Isabel Fernandez, President EMDR Europe Association

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